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Natural regenerating, nourishing, soothing anti-aging night cream

Natural regenerating, nourishing, soothing anti-aging night cream with plant extracts for face, neck and neckline.

Sensitive, normal or very dry skin.

Formula synthetic fragrance free, paraben free, coloring free, mineral oil free, silicone free, aluminium salt free, phenoxyethanol free containing 99,85% natural ingredients.

Airless jar 50 ml GTIN 3770019433003 

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A regenerating and soothing cocktail of plant extracts

At night the skin naturally regenerates and detoxifies itself thanks to the activation of microcirculation.

In order to help it in its night work and thus preserve its balance and beauty, Visolea night contains horsetail, Centella Asiatica, green tea, Ginkgo Biloba extracts, resveratrol that, in synergy with other extracts, stimulate collagen synthesis and help to limit cellular oxidation and glycation responsible for skin aging.

Soothing, the night potion provides your skin with firmness, elasticity, hydration and well-beingthanks to its borage, sweet almond, pomegranate and olive oils and its licorice and chamomile extracts. The natural aromatic extracts used provide a natural fragrance. No synthetic perfume was added to the formula to prevent allergic reactions.

The colour of the potion is obtained by the natural colour of the plant extracts used. It may vary in different batches due to the variability of the natural components used.

An ultra-protective and elegant packaging

We chose for Visolea night a sober, elegant and airless casket which protects its delicate natural formulation from ambient air and microbial contamination.

A sensual and hygienic touch on the flexible pump delivers an accurate dose with the certainty to obtain a restitution rate of more than 95 %.

So, our product preserves all its functional (in particular conservation of the integrity of vegetable oils and vitamins) and sensory qualities.

The materials which make jar and lid are compatible with the European regulations concerning materials in the contact of cosmetics.

Cream, jar, lid and cardboard box are made in Europe.

Formula with 99,85% natural ingredients
paraben free, coloring free, synthetic fragrance free,
mineral oil free, silicone free, aluminium salt free,
phenoxyethanol free (preservative).
This delicate formula needs an ultra-protective packaging protecting it from ambient air and external contaminations.
The active ingredients procure to Visolea Regenerating night Potion its natural fragrance and color.
Visolea is not recommended in pregnant women (contains retinol).

L’Ïncantore suggests helping naturally the skin regeneration
(cell renewal) using substances produced from Nature


Cellular oxidation or oxidative stress is responsible for the degradation of our cutaneous cells by an increase of the production of free radicals.

Age and environmental factors which are sun exposure (responsible for photoageing), pollution (fine particles, oxides, organic volatile compounds, aromatic hydrocarbons, ozone) and lifestyle (tobacco, alcohol, stress, sleep, unbalanced diet, inflammation, disease) are at the origin of skin ageing.

The antioxidizing capacity of our skin is a preponderant determinant in the answer to oxidizing stress but with age, the action of antioxidants of the skin decreases, there is a temporal exhaustion of our faculties of regeneration and accumulation of cellular damage more and more difficult to control.

The local application of moisturizing and antioxidant active ingredients joined with a healthy lifestyle, in particular with a balanced and diversified diet (let us not forget that our skin is the reflection of our intestinal wall) seems to be a well-balanced and healthy strategy to regenerate our skin.

L'Ïncantore targets the needs of our skin according to its natural circadian rhythm. Like the rest of the body, our skin is also concerned with what is called chronobiology. It has its own natural rhythm over 24 hours.

During the day, it defends itself against external aggressions (sun, cold, wind, pollution…), during the night, it repairs itself: it detoxifies itself thanks to an increase of the microcirculation facilitating oxygenation, nutrition, intensive cell regeneration, collagen and elastin production.

At night, the skin is more permeable and therefore more receptive to active ingredients. It loses a lot of water, eliminates toxins and needs nutrients to renew its cells.
To serve its needs during the night phase, the night regeneration potion provides every evening the essential natural ingredients to preserve the beauty and youth of our skin even if sleep remains the best anti-ageing!

Natural microcirculation stimulation to promote skin cell repair

Extracts of Centella Asiatica, Ginkgo Biloba, Horsetail, vitamin E stimulate microcirculation whose activity is increased during the night to allow oxygenation, detoxification, nutrition and regeneration of skin cells.

Hydration Nutrition Regeneration

Sun exposure, pollution and skin aging cause a drying out of the skin. This drying out reveals the alteration of the lipid composition of cellular membranes by the free radicals.

To restructure the protective hydrolipidic barrier which recovers our skin and thus to find again a satisfactory level of moisturizing, elasticity and softness, Visolea night brings us the unsaturated fatty acids contained in its vegetable fats: pomegranate, borage, olive and sweet almond oils, shea butter, vegetable wax.

Pomegranate oil containing, in particular, punicic acid (omega 5 with a structure close to that of linolenic acid -omega 3) and borage oil particularly rich in gamma-linolenic acid or GLA (omega 6) have a particularly important anti-inflammatory action on the skin but also a stimulating action promoting cellular renewal.

Thanks to its optimal content of unsaturated fatty acids and its rich antioxidant substances: carotenoids, vitamin E, phenols, phytosterols and chlorophyll, olive oil protects, soothes, nourishes and regenerates the skin naturally.

As for the sweet almond oil, rich in omega 9, it will soften, soothe, nourish and protect the most sensitive or reactive skin.

 Oils and wax we use are exclusively plant; no mineral oil of the petrochemical industry is used. Mineral non- biodegradable oils, called also paraffin wax, petrolatum or petroleum jelly, paraffinum liquidum, cera microcristallina are occlusive and thus, favor the appearance of blackheads and spots.

In the same way, the sensory qualities (sweetness, softness) are often provided in cosmetics by chemical emollients like oils and waxes of silicone, called dimethicone, polydimethylsiloxane, cyclomethicone, cyclopentasiloxane…

Visolea night doesn’t contain silicones which are entirely synthetic and non- biodegradable. Silicones have not really beneficial properties because they have a semi-occlusive effect by settling in a fine layer on the skin: they accumulate because they are insoluble for the most part of them and thus, prevent the skin from breathing.

Natural anti-ageing action enhanced by the synergy of antioxidants

The numerous polyphenols contained in the plant extracts of Visolea night protect us from cellular oxidation but also from cellular glycation* responsible for skin ageing.

*Glycation is a natural reaction that occurs between our body’s sugars and proteins. At the cutaneous level, excess sugar molecules stick to collagen and elastin fibers: these become stiff, are transformed into glycated proteins that promote the production of free radicals and alter the mechanical properties of our skin with a gradual, complete alteration of the dermis support tissue. The effects are a gradual loss of elasticity, suppleness and tonicity of our skin.

Polyphenols contained in among others green tea, pomegranate, turmeric, liquorice extracts neutralize the free radicals which daily attack our skin; they promote the synthesis of skin endogenous enzymatic antioxidants, fight the glycation, are photoprotective because they directly act on the oxidative cellular damage caused by the ultraviolet rays, in particular damage of the DNA. Among other actions, resveratrol stimulates the “sirtuinesgenes expressing the enzymes of DNA repair and the antioxidant enzymes, in other words, the genes increasing the lifetime of our cells.

The horsetail of fields having in particular many flavonoids and minerals, phenols, vitamin C contains a trace element essential to the regeneration of the components of connective tissue, silicon, which at the level of the skin, is indispensable for the formation of collagen and elastin, especially as the rate of silicon decreases with age! Stimulating naturally the synthesis of collagen and elastin, silicon helps to limit the ageing of the skin by maintaining its elasticity and firmness qualities.

The significant biological activity of Centella Asiatica is probably explained by the synergy between triterpenes (madecassoside…) and polyphenols it contains. Thanks to its healing, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, regenerating, veinoprotective and soothing properties, Centella is indicated to regenerate sensitive, dehydrated, irritated skin for example by sun and prevent skin aging.
Because it inhibits the tyrosinase enzyme activity at the origin of the production of melanin, liquorice extract has a depigmenting action that will improve the hyperpigmentation skin spots that can appear with age and will therefore help to illuminate the complexion.

Thanks to their anti-inflammatory properties, liquorice and chamomile extracts soothe sensitive or irritated skin by sun, cold and pollution.

Visolea night benefits from the synergic action of polyphenolic and vitaminic antioxidants

To enhance the antioxidant effects of polyphenols, Visolea night supplies us with an anti-radical vitaminic photoprotective cocktail: retinol, C and E vitamins.

The retinol has an action on the epidermis: it boosts the cell renewal which decreases with ageing providing a smoothed skin texture and a radiance of the complexion and regulates melanocytes (cells which pigment the skin), hence its action in the attenuation of pigment spots. It acts on the dermis by stimulating the production of collagen and elastin, by increasing the rate of hyaluronic acid and by reducing the destruction of existing collagen.

The vitamin C, the most abundant natural anti-free radical in the skin, supplied in large quantities by the extract of emblica, plays an important role in maintaining skin’s antioxidant capacities. It protects skin cells from damage caused by ultraviolet light, stimulates the production of collagen and has a depigmenting activity.

The vitamin E, mainly found in the stratum corneum of epidermis and in the sebum, provided by vegetable oils, enhances the barriers of defense of the skin by settling on the lipid membranes (where it inhibits the oxidation of polyunsaturated fatty acids) and protects the cellular constituents, proteins, DNA, from free radicals and UV rays. Its antiradical properties give it a moisturizing action, an anti- inflammatory action on erythema, irritations, an action in the improvement of skin microcirculation and then an important action in the slowdown in photoageing.

Among others actions, by inhibiting the metalloproteinases enzymes and decreasing the photo-induced damage of DNA, the retinol, vitamins C and E applied locally contribute to decrease the effects of photoageing but also the incidence of cutaneous tumors.

Visolea night Potion is a natural regenerating, nourishing, soothing anti-aging night cream for face, neck and neckline.

It is indicated for sensitive, normal or very dry skin.

Contains retinol. Indicated in pregnant women only after medical advice.

Every night, your skin is naturally regenerated, nourished, moisturized, soothed to help you to prevent the premature ageing and provide you an immediate feeling of well-being.

The beauty of your skin is precious.
Your beauty secret is preserved in a magic case.

The active ingredients of this delicate formula will be better absorbed if your skin is perfectly cleansed.

After the careful makeup removal and cleansing of your skin follows your new sensual evening ritual: a caress of slide on the flexible airless pump (without contaminating your potion) delivers a dose ready to be uniformly applied to the face, neck and neckline. 

directions of use cream visolea

During the first application, it is sometimes necessary to repeat this gesture to start the system which provides you with the desired dose.

So, your potion remains preserved in its magic case. Do not remove the top membrane not to contaminate it. Your beauty secret must be kept inside protected from light and air to preserve all its functional and sensory qualities.

The mesmerizing texture of the potion provides you with an immediate and pleasant sensation of well-being. Your skin is naturally soothed, moisturized, nourished and helped in its night work of repair and detoxification.

Preserve preferentially between 4 and 30°C.