New night care GLYCOLEA 16 for healthy skin

L’Ïncantore offers a new face night care with glycolic acid GLYCOLEA 16 that acts all night long as a gentle peeling and that gives you a healthy, supple and smoothed skin, a refined skin texture, a homogeneous and luminous complexion with attenuation of pigment spots.

L’Ïncantore targets the needs of your skin according to its natural circadian rhythm. Like other organs, your skin is also affected by what is called chronobiology. It has its own natural 24-hour rhythm.

During the day, the skin defends itself against external aggressions (sun, cold, wind, pollution, etc.)

At night, it repairs itself: it detoxifies thanks to an increase in the functioning of the microcirculation facilitating oxygenation, nutrition, intensive cell regeneration, collagen and elastin production. The skin is more permeable, therefore more receptive to active ingredients but also loses a lot of water.

Formulated to act in perfect synchrony with the natural rhythm of your skin, this exfoliating and moisturizing night treatment works both on mature skin and on skin with imperfections by maintaining hydration and gently stimulating cell renewal resulting in better oxygenation of the epidermis.

The controlled release of glycolic acid and other moisturizing ingredients that make up the formulation help increase the effectiveness and tolerance of the treatment.

Glycolic acid increasing the sensitivity of the skin to ultraviolet rays, it is advisable to avoid the sun or use a suitable sunscreen during the duration of use.

After careful cleansing of your face and neck with the ELIXIR purifiant of L’Ïncantore, this treatment can be applied in perfect complementarity alternately every other evening with the cream VISOLEA  night whose plant extracts stimulate microcirculation and collagen synthesis and contribute to limit the oxidation and cellular glycation responsible for skin aging.