Articles about CICOLEA in Body Language, the International Magazine of the Esthetic and Anti-Aging Medicine n°11 of April May 2017

CICOLEA has a moisturizing regenerating activity on the healthy skin, on the cutaneous laxity with a real tightening effect, alone or in association after esthetic treatments, physical processing, Fractional Radio Frequency (Legato, Alma Lasers) for example. The International magazine of the Esthetic and Anti-Aging Medicine Body Language n° 11 of April May 2017 publishes 2 articles exposing  the scientific results of a study about the use of Cicolea in the cutaneous laxity and the stretch marks :
“Radiofréquence et cosméceutiques associés” on the page 30
« Fréquence, son et lumière sur la peau » on the page 54