tube cicolea

Regenerating, protective and soothing natural cosmetic cream
based on -Olea Europaea- and plant extracts.

Natural cream, paraben free and hydrocarbon/ animal derivatives free containing 99,85 % natural ingredients.

Tube 30 ml   EAN  3401341235095  

Selling price: 22 euros inclusive taxes.
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Cicolea is a regenerating and moisturizing cream formulated on a biological Olea Europaea  basis. The olive oil is used from Antiquity for its softening and antibacterial properties on epitheliums. Our biological olive oil is produced in the south of Italy with traditional methods and extracted during a particular period of the year. Other active synergic components extracted from plants intensify the regenerative, redness free and soothing effects of the olive oil, acting at different stages of epidermal reconstruction.  The active ingredients give to the product its natural aroma and colour.
Natural product formulated preservative free, paraben free, hydrocarbon/ animal  derivatives free, synthesis flagrance free and colorant free.
An evaluation of the product tolerability has been effected on volunteers.
Natural raw materials tested with analysis certificate.
Product subjected to a microbiological control.

L’Ïncantore proposes helping the natural stages of cutaneous regeneration process using natural components.

Cicolea represents our first cosmetic product elaborated in this spirit. The aim of this formulation is obtaining the regulation of biological process physiologically activated in the damaged skin reconstitution to obtain a tissular regeneration with the minimum of signs.

Its formulation has been performed in three stages:

  1. The meticulous study of biological process activated in the regeneration of the damaged skin with identification and synthetic analysis of its different stages to have an optimal cosmetic result.
  2. When the first stage has been completed, the research was pointed on the identification of the natural components, extracted from the plant world, which can help the different stages of skin regeneration. These components have been chosen after identification of their toxicity grade, according to conclusions of studies reported in scientific literature. Components whose toxicity was more important than expected cosmetic benefit were eliminated. The composition of Cicolea was formulated with natural active components which are associated with other natural components able to increase the efficiency of first ones. The final product is mainly stabilized and protected from natural mechanisms of contamination and oxidation by natural components. The natural colour of Cicolea has been obtained with the use of plant extracts.
  3. After the time required to evaluate the formulation stability and despite the bibliographic confirmation of absence or reduction of toxicity of used active components, a biological test of cutaneous tolerability was performed on healthy and informed volunteers with application of Cicolea on safe skin during 30 days.

Cosmetic treatment of skin and mucous membranes when it’s necessary to help the cellular regeneration :

- dry and weeping skin alterations

- mucous membranes alterations

- quality and suppleness  scar improvement

- cutaneous laxity

- prevention and treatment of stretch marks

- after aesthetic treatment or surgery according to medical advice

- moisturizing, nutritive and soothing, all the more after sun or cold exposure. 

Apply to the altered areas, after cleansing and drying, one time to twice a day according to necessity until complete restoring.
Avoid contact with eyes.
Do not use in children under 36 months without medical authorization. Contains retinol. Not recommended in pregnant women and during lactation on the nipple.

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