The cosmetic products and components used in the formulations of “ L’Ïncantore “ aren’t tested on animals.

L’Ïncantore respects the directives of European Union which, according to the directive 2003/15/CE, has ordered prohibition of animal experimentation relative to finished cosmetic products since the 11 September 2004.

Prohibition of animal testing relative to the ingredients used in the  formulations  has been fixed on the 11 March 2009:  it’s one of the reasons why l’Ïncantore attaches importance to the selection of its components. 

Tests in vivo of the cutaneous tolerability of  l’Ïncantore  formulations  are performed to ensure the safety of use for consumers: healthy and  informed volunteers accept to apply the finished product on safe skin, according to the principles of the Declaration of Helsinki ( 18th General Assembly of the AMM).

The research of active natural components is made in the respect of nature and people. Attempting to make the raw materials producers  living with dignity, in their rights, with an equitable agriculture is an additional element very important for l’Ïncantore team.

About the respect of nature, l’Ïncantore sets particular attention to the environment , reducing the packaging and favouring elements with low  environmental pollution  impact.