L’Ïncantore is born from the meeting between two professionals : a researcher who has been always interested in the study of physiological mechanisms of skin ageing and a professional of aesthetics, in search of a NATURAL cosmetic care to preserve the beauty of our skin.


The daily use of cosmetic products with often limited effects and the permanent research of a solution to skin ageing modifications have led these two doctors to join their professional experience and their technical and analytic qualities.
The result is represented by a real team where:
- the researcher, Claudio Cannistrá analyzing  the biological processes  which induce evolution of cutaneous wall, searches and identifies in the nature the natural components extracted from plants, which can correct it or modulate it.
- the professional  of aesthetics, linking her meticulous analysis in the components choice and, bringing her feminine sensorial taste, searches to answer at best requirements of our skin, which is too often attacked today by environmental factors and which is the obvious witness of  chronological ageing.

The team assembles meticulousness in the research of a natural cosmetic treatment adapted to environmental and endogenous factors and selective analysis in the elaboration of a natural, functional, safe and pleasant product.
The research of required components which are able to obtain this result doesn’t confine to identification of active ingredients. An accurate and personal selection of the origin of natural extracts is essential to be certain of expected results.

Even though each of us has its own genomic capacities to answer the cutaneous aggression, our duty is trying as much as possible to eliminate exogenous deleterious factors, in particular, components extracted from chemical synthesis, in order to preserve naturally the beauty of our skin. Our skin isn’t inert. It feels and absorbs everything. We have naturally to respect it because it expresses the self-image, the one we offer to anybody.

Local care we take daily for our skin isn’t sufficient if it isn’t systematically associated with good life hygiene. Don’t forget that our skin is the reflection of our intestinal wall. The use of olive oil in many formulations of “  l’Ïncantore ” is based on its cosmetic qualities known for a very long time. The oil is produced with traditional methods from biological olives cultivated in the south of Italy.

The research of active natural components is made in the respect of nature and people.
About development of equitable trade, we try to give priority to a direct trading with our raw materials’ producers. These agreements allow us to have also a traceability of the quality of our raw materials, avoiding in this way intermediate stages.
These people who often work in a natural hostile environment with little pleasant life conditions receive miserable compensations in return for the production of raw materials, from which these precious components have been extracted.
Attempting to make these producers living with dignity, in their rights, with an equitable agriculture is an additional element very important for L’Ïncantore team.
L’Ïncantore applies to the research of natural preservation of beauty in the largest respect of nature and people who extract their survival from fruits of this one.

The natural preservation of beauty has to make smiling the one who looks for getting it with cosmetic natural products, but also the one who applies to extract from nature by an hard work the essential precious ingredients.